All BARCELONA SOCCER ACADEMY programs provide high quality standards in order to offer quality service and ensure the achievement of desired goals in each of them. Quality indicators refer to the technical program that will apply depending on the profile of athletes, human resources managers run depending on the number of players, the sports facilities will be developed, and so on.

BARCELONA SOCCER ACADEMY has also provided mechanisms for knowing the satisfaction of the recipients of our services.

Thus BARCELONA SOCCER ACADEMY ensures the smooth running of all programs where it is performed, always keeping quality standards high.


BARCELONA SOCCER ACADEMY has its own Child Protection Policy and Code of Good Practices. The health and safety of participants in various programs that bear the stamp of BSA is our main concern, especially when it comes to under-age athletes.

BARCELONA SOCCER ACADEMY ensures that all their coaches are well aware of both and are committed to strict compliance with contract for the development of any of its projects.

Finally, BARCELONA SOCCER ACADEMY has the necessary mechanisms to ensure proper compliance with both, ensuring a rigorous selection process for staff and non-admission of people who do not comply with appropriate professional and personal profile.

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