1. For BARCELONA SOCCER ACADEMY football is a form of game structured and complex, involving internal and external factors that allow linking together the various structures that make up a person.
    Football is a team sport that allows the individual to grow as a person and as an athlete, since it provides physical and emotional wellbeing, and a lot of intrinsic valuesthat determine the relationship, communication, competition, learning and self-reflection.

  2. In BARCELONA SOCCER ACADEMY conceive football as a whole in which the technical, tactical, physical, psychological and emotional are intertwined, which is why we use mainly the global methodology, with the aim of achieving sporting excellence, always trying to promote the player’s creative talent (no to force).

  3. We use different ways of teaching to influence the cognitive process that every player experiences in the different actions performed. This process involves distinct phases that the player will automate naturally.

  4. The training model of BARCELONA SOCCER ACADEMY is based on a fragmentation of learning football in stages and levels, so that the player will overcome different phases that are intended primarily to the work of individual skills and team play, to progress and improve their performance in a natural and orderly way.

  5. BARCELONA SOCCER ACADEMY has set up a game model itself, which is characterized by developing an offensive playstyle that combines efficiency and entertainment, in which our teams always try to take the initiative in the game and maximize possession, which becomes the focus of attention.

  6. During the training sessions we basically work on two phases of the game (offense and defense) and the transitions from one phase to the other.

    We focus mainly on the following four main areas of content: individual technique and tactics, group tactics and style of play.

  8. The typical player of BARCELONA SOCCER ACADEMY is conscious and comfortable character of the process of growth and personal sports. Technically very gifted, able to interpret correctly the game is quick-witted, creative, able to perceive, analyze, decide and implement in a very short space of time. Is tactically disciplined, know how to generalize and transfer learning to real game situations.

  9. BARCELONA SOCCER ACADEMY has a portfolio of over 100 fully trained coaches to implement the BSA method according to the Code of Good Practices and Internal Regime Regulations.

  10. BARCELONA SOCCER ACADEMY has developed a specific program to encourage and promote education in valuesof their players, coaches and fans, using a first-order educational tool as sport. On one hand, the intrinsic valuesof any team sport such as companionship, the effort, the spirit of excellence, perseverance, commitment, sportsmanship, healthy competition, cooperative work, etc. and, moreover, ethical valuesand universal coexistence as respect, solidarity, citizenship, integration, diversity, etc.

  11. The health and safety of persons involved in the activities of BARCELONA SOCCER ACADEMY is our priority and our main concern. It is for this reason that BARCELONA SOCCER ACADEMY has adopted a Child Protection Policy and Policy of Risk Prevention own, that coaches familiar with and apply to the fullest extent of their capabilities.

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