06 · BSA USA Scolarships

Our goal is to offer students the opportunity to access a University of the United States with a football and / or academic scholarship. Therefore, the Academy has the services of ISports Recruiting, an agency of international reputation that offers the best universities for each player as well as the maximum sports scholarship.

The phenomenon of North American university sport is unique in the world, since it allows the combination of competitive sport with a university career. The sports teams of the universities of the USA compete among them at a very high level. To achieve the best results, universities recruit players from around the world and, since they are not allowed to pay athletes, they offer sports scholarships to finance their studies (there are universities that cost $ 60,000 a year).

The universities are divided into three organizations (NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA) and each has different rules to be able to compete in them. ISports Recruiting and Barcelona Soccer Academy will guide the students so that at all times they comply with the rules and requirements to be able to access US universities and do not jeopardize their eligibility.